To keep your piece looking its best year after year, follow these simple steps:

DUST regularly using a lint-free microfiber cloth. Dust build-up on wooden furniture can lead to scratches. PLEASE NOTE: dry dusting is not recommended, as it may scratch your piece. 

CLEAN your piece using either wood oil or a soft cloth dipped in a mild soap solution without alcohol or perfumes. PLEASE NOTE: any liquid spills MUST be cleaned immediately; blot them using a clean, highly absorbent cloth.



AVOID high heat areas. Do not place your piece in high-heat areas or near radiators. Our pieces are made of natural wood; if exposed to extreme temperature changes, they can potentially warp and/or split. DON'T WORRY! You CAN position it next to a big, bright window. 

BE AWARE of humidity levels. In general, wood furniture is sensitive to extremes in humidity. To ensure your piece's longevity, try to keep your room's humidity level between 40 and 45%. If humidity levels drop below this, your piece may crack. If humidity levels move above 45%, your piece may swell. 

POLISH your natural wood furniture once a year to ensure that it continues to shine like the first time you met. Our suggestion: use a hard carnauba wax. AVOID silicone-based polishing products (e.g. Pledge), as it can be absorbed by the natural wood, and over time, will ruin your table. 

AVOID dragging your table; lift it up and put it down slowly. However, do not attempt to move it alone, as our pieces are heavy.

TREAT LIQUID SPILLS IMMEDIATELY. Blot them using a clean, highly absorbent cloth.


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