Made to Order is a special service of ours to offer special products of special prices. The terms and conditions for such orders are different from the rest of the products. Please read the below terms and conditions carefully before placing your order. Please do not order "Made to Order" items if you do not agree to these terms and conditions.
  1. All Made to Order items are non refundable and non exchangeable. By choosing our Made to Order service you waive your right to a refund or exchange in accordance with these terms and conditions. We do not allow refunds due to impatience or in the event of unforeseen circumstances. No refunds are given in the event that these terms are overlooked and blindly agreed to.
  2. Estimated time of arrival and expected delivery dates are for guidance only and may be subject to delay due to factors out of our control.
  3. Made to Order is an exclusive service. Production and dispatch of your order depends on meeting our minimum quantity requirements. In the event that the minimum quantity is not reached, we reserve the right to refund you the purchase price without further compensation. We will notify you of our decision as soon as this information becomes available.