How it all works: more than just furniture.

Life should be about giving as much as you take. Well, at least that’s what we believe. Our tree planting program strives to rejuvenate forests, which will result in the betterment of the planet. For every transaction, we are dedicated to planting a tree on behalf of our lovely customers. We will work together to do our part for the environment.

We are a small but growing team at Wazo, and we have partnered up with tree planting groups committed to planting more trees than were used in the manufacturing of our furniture. We are proud to be a part of this initiative that promotes environmental sustainability.

Planting trees has a gigantic impact on the environment and everyday living. Planting a single tree really affects the condition of the planet's clean, fresh drinking water, the amount of oxygen that is being received on a yearly basis, to aiding villages in developing countries. Our mission is to reduce the effects of deforestation. Help us, help the planet!

Benefits of Tree Planting: Sustainability

Sustainability is the ability to continue an outlined behaviour indefinitely. It terms of the environment, this means not taking more from the environment than what is able to be regenerated or replenished.  We now live in a modern economically driven world. This type of living is prosperous for people, but bad for the environment and the health of the forested areas, which in turn, is bad for everyone in the long run.

We strive to do our part in curbing this trend and ensuring the longevity of a happy and healthy planet. We all know what we need to do to help the environment, so let us work together to get it done, one tree at a time.