Leather Sofas: Affordable Luxury for Your Stylish Living Space

These Brazilian leather masterpieces will make your home the envy of everyone you know. These leather sofas are aspirational pieces for anyone but at these prices they are in reach of individuals looking for show pieces for their living space.

They come in a variety ranging from loveseats to sectionals. The beauty of our leather sofas is the breaking in process; it gives you the privilege of adding character to these sofas. With these sofas, every new crease line is a badge of honor.


Leather One Seater Armchairs to Add Class to Your Luxury Leather Sofa Sets

Our leather one seaters are a wonderful synergy of luxurious fabric and heavenly comfort. These chairs draw inspiration from the 50’s mid century minimal decor way of life.

We offer various styles from armed chairs, art deco inspired pieces, metal armed, and industrial accented chairs. These iconic leather one seaters transcend simply being a piece of furniture and blurs into art.

Leather Sofa Collection

COLLIN Chesterfield Aviator Sofa

Sold out

KENNEDY Chesterfield Aviator Sofa

Sold out

GREYSON Chesterfield 3-Seater Leather Sofa

Sold out

Leather One Seaters Collection

ROSEVELT One Seater Sofa

Sold out

GREYSON Chesterfield 1-Seater Leather Sofa

Sold out

KENNEDY Chesterfield Aviator One Seater Sofa

Sold out

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