Eiffel Eames Style DKR Wire Bikini Chair -Final Sale

$99.97 CAD

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Dimensions: H 32.75" W 19" D 21.25"

The "bikini" chair is basically the Eames Wire Chair that comes with a wire shell and a crisscross two-piece bikini like pad, a seat cushion consisting of a seat bottom and a back pad joined in the middle. The seat and back pads can be removed and reattached.

Built out of welded steel wire, this Wire Chair is an evolution from the Eames organically shaped shell chair. Our model of the Wire Chair is built with chrome plated steel wire.The DKR model is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

The wire seat top can be combined with a number of different Eiffel bases. Please choose the legs from the dropdown menu.

The Eames designed the Wire Chair in 1951, which won them the first American mechanical design patent. With the molded plastic, fiberglass, and wood shell chairs - as well as the wire chair - the Eames have created a universal response to what everyone wants from a chair: a simple, gracious form that fits any body and every place.