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Emeco Style Navy Chair -Final Sale

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Dimensions (WDH): 39 x 38 x 87 cm; Seat height: 46cm

You’ll have no regrets with the original Navy Chair. Designed during WWII by Wilton Carlyle Dinges, the US government tasked Dinges with producing a seaworthy chair for use on their warships and submarines. Produced using aluminum, this iconic design was required to be light weight, strong, and able to withstand salt air, water and sailors.

Proving the strength and durability of the design, Dinges reportedly threw the Navy Chair from a 6th floor window at a Chicago furniture show. Far exceeding the Navy’s strict requirements, the chair was scratched in places, but remained otherwise undamaged. Despite the chair’s functional history, its aesthetics have also proven the test of time with the iconic design sailing into the modern day aesthetic with ever-growing popularity.