Nelson Style Platform Bench

$485.00 CAD $299.99 CAD

Dimensions (LWH) 183cm x 47cm x 36cm

An icon of Mid-century Modernism, the Nelson Style Platform Bench is inspired by architect and designer George Nelson's original 1946 work. George Nelson’s architecture background can be clearly seen in this Platform Bench.

This is a bench that combines art, architecture and furniture craft into one, offering form with function in perfect measure. The piece can be used for both sitting and display purposes, doubling as a table or centerpiece on which to place flowers, books, candles and more. 

The aesthetics is simple yet elegant: a rectangular surface with patterned slats and trapezoidal legs—geometric harmony at its finest. 

Beautiful yet functional, whether you're using it as a seat or platform you can't go wrong with the Nelson Style Platform Bench.