3 Design Tricks to Add Illusion of Space

When one is drawing a given item on a surface with 2 dimensions, they are likely to be required to create the depth of space. Given that it is on a 2 dimensional plane, there is the urgent need to use certain neat tricks which will ensure that the picture comes out as needed without appearing skewed in any way. However, when transitioning to the creation of space in the home, the use of certain skills to create the illusion of space can go a long way in making the home seem more spacious that it actually is.

Monochromatic living room furniture

  • Harness the power of monochromatic colors; using a single color for the home goes a long way in ensuring that a lot of space is created without there actually being more space. For example, one can use the Eames dining chair with other pieces of furniture by giving it a similar color like everything else in the room. The picture created is that of a wholesome place where the eye moves easily without being interrupted.

  • The continuous movement of the eye is the perfect illusion of extra space in the home. If one, for example, goes to buy a ghost chair, they should try to look for the one which has the same colors as those found in their home. This does not, however, mean that one looks for exactly the same color for everything in the home. If one has chosen to go for white, various hues of grey, silver and other colors close to white such as the light versions of pink are also welcome. Just keep out the highly contrasting colors such as red on a black background.

    Spacious living room ideas
  • The use of glass; glass have various advantages when aiming to create the illusion of space. With glass on walls, doors and almost everywhere else, the house seems to have very many areas that are not occupied when in reality the space is limited. One can install glass in bathrooms, the kitchen and corridors to do away with the limitation of space. The other advantage with mirrors is that they reflect light making the room seem very spacious even when there is little light therein. Lastly, mirrors make the room seem to have more items than it has with the advantage of making everything seem freshened up.  
  • Modern danish furniture
  • Furniture and Flooring; on the market there are high quality pieces of Danish furniture which will go a long way in ensuring that the room is kept as clean as possible. Living room furniture should be as minimalist as possible. Avoid heavy and thick furniture as they occupy unnecessary space in the home. When buying a sofa set, avoid the skirted ones which make it difficult to save on space. The best sofas for creating the space illusion would be those that need little floor space such as those with raised legs. For better use of space, go for items with less visual space such as glass. Glass tables are the best for this purpose. Even their accessories should be with as little visual space as possible. Go for glass flower vases as they add to the beauty of the home. Final Thoughts

  • Many items in the home will immensely benefit from the three neat skills. You do not have to own a mansion to have a beautiful home. Rather, put these tricks to use and make sure that you create as much as space as possible. Better yet, employ minimalism in the home by only having the necessary items one needs to save on floor space.

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