Benched: 5 Stylish Pieces to Class up Your Home

Benches usually conjure up images of parks and dingy subway stations, of uncomfortable steel rusted by rain or wood stripped bare by the elements. That's because we often find these seats in public spaces.

But this association of benches with dirt and grime has blinded us to their elegance. By taking them from the outside world and placing them inside, we remove the stigma of filth yet retain their greatest attributes.

What follows are some striking examples of this furniture at play.

  1. Simply Stylish

Solid Acacia Bench with trapezium legsIt doesn't get any simpler than this. A Wazo original, this Solid Acacia Bench reveals the clean aesthetics of mid-century design and its ability to harmonize with nature. The trapezium legs provide just the right amount of visual juxtaposition and are interesting without ever being dominating.

No excess flourishes or paint, such a bench would fit perfectly into any minimalist décor. Or place it on the patio for some social time with friends and family.

  1. Lovely Legs

This next item shows the power of organic asymmetry. The natural wood is uneven and irregular, but instead of detracting from the design such imbalances only enhance its beauty. Furthermore, the thick Acacia wood provides a striking contrast to the spindly hairpin legs in both shape and material.

Acacia Live Edge Bench With Hairpin LegsUnlike most benches, what sets this Wazo original apart is that it has four legs instead of the typical two. A closer look reveals natural knots and furrows in the wood, an interplay of light and dark grains.

Just as every snowflake is unique, every acacia bench we make is one of a kind, differing by shape, grain and colour.

Indoors or out, the Acacia Live Edge Bench With Hairpin Legs makes a wonderful addition to any home.

  1. Fantastic Fusions

The Acacia Walnut Wood Bench with Stainless Steel Legs is another Wazo original. A thick walnut surface complements the heavy metallic legs, but instead of appearing unwieldy or cumbersome there's a certain charm to its design.Acacia Walnut Wood Bench with Stainless Steel Legs

For one, the dark, smoky walnut is such a pleasure to behold. When looked at from above, we notice the intricacies and complexities of its surface: the wavy gap instantly catches our eyes, the four hourglass shapes offering a glimpse of balance and symmetry in a sea of swirling grains, shady knots, and flowing contours.

For another, the stainless steel legs match the glossy walnut surface, allowing these two vastly different materials to achieve cohesion.

And don't worry: with such solid materials this bench can handle any crowd.

  1. Art History

An icon of Mid-century Modernism, the Nelson Style Platform Bench is inspired by architect and designer George Nelson's original 1946 work.Nelson Style Platform Bench

So why the fuss? Because this bench combines art, architecture and furniture craft into one, offering form with function in perfect measure. The piece can be used for both sitting and display purposes, doubling as a table or centerpiece on which to place flowers, books, candles and more. 

The aesthetics are also simple yet elegant: a rectangular surface with patterned slats and trapezoidal legs—geometric harmony at its finest. 

Beautiful yet functional, whether you're using it as a seat or platform you can't go wrong with a  Nelson Style Platform Bench.

  1. Silver Lining

Stainless Steel BenchThis Stainless Steel Bench from Wazo Furniture is a nice alternative to the mainly wooden pieces we've seen thus far. Sleek, chic and sexy, the bench is a marvel of modern furniture design.

Not only is it a perfect match for our Bertoia chairs and dining table, but it can be placed at the entrance to greet guests, provide comfortable seating when changing shoes, or positioned by a window to let the sun's rays glimmer and twinkle along its edges.

Wherever you decide to place it, our Stainless Steel Bench provides functional seating along with lovely optics.

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About the author: Heenay Patel is a Toronto-based freelance writer specializing in the world of interior design. He can be reached at or via the links below: 

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