Four Must Have Mid Century Re-issues For Your Home

Mid-century design has stood the test of time due to the clean, natural shapes and bold colours. Choosing mid-century accessories in a modern home can be a challenge. One must know where to draw the line between great design and kitsch. Too much can look tacky, but a few well-chosen pieces will look timeless.

Here are four must have classic mid-century accessories that are so perfect that they’ve warranted replicating and reissuing in the new millennium.  

  1. Le Creuset Coquelle

Le Creuset CoquelleThe Le Creuset Coquelle was originally designed in 1958 by Raymond Loewy, who was known as the father of modern design and most recognized for his streamlined, futuristic locomotive shrouds, along with many iconic logos of the mid-century.  

The cast iron french oven has always been a kitchen staple, but the sleek ovoid shaped Coquelle is worthy of permanent display in your kitchen, even when not in use. 

  1. Dansk Kobenstyle

Dansk KobenstyleAnother familiar mid-century kitchen icon is Dansk Kobenstyle cookware, first introduced in 1956. For many years these Danish designed enameled steel pots and pans were a thrift store treasure, but have been re-released recently making them readily available for a new generation.

What makes these pots extra fun, aside from the beautiful colours, are the unique handles that allow the lids to be used as trivets.

  1. Sunburst Clock

George Nelson and Associates designed many clocks over the years, George Nelson Sunburst Clockbut the most recognizable is the Sunburst Clock. It was first released in 1949 and has never gone out of style. It looks just as contemporary in a living room today, as it would have in a stylish home in the 1950s. This clock has become more like a piece of art decor than a time piece, especially in this digital age in which time telling is nothing like in the 50s.


  1. Wire Diamond Chair

The great thing about the wire diamond chair is its versatility. You can put it in any room. It’s a subtle piece that won’t overwhelm. The designer Harry Bertoia himself said “they are mainly made of air, like sculpture. Space passes right through them."

The chair is also more comfortable than it looks, which is why it’s still available almost 65 years after its debut.

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