Live Edge Tables and Mid-Century Modern Furniture Is the New Cool

Sinuous lines and warm tones are some of the beautiful imperfections of nature that draw people to live edge furniture. Live edge furniture pieces have a way of bringing the chic elegance of nature, indoors. Tabletops, chairs, and cabinets made of these natural woods can immeasurably transform your living room, kitchen, and dining room.

There’s no question about it. Live edge and mid-century furniture are a statement! They make a powerful, eye-catching, engaging, memorable and unique statement about your taste and style.

Today, these mid-century furniture pieces have become an upscale choice for a specific group of people with an upgraded aesthetic for natural wood and its natural color. And natural wood can blend in almost all spaces – from living spaces to dining spaces.

With this fascination with rough-sawn lumber, you can transform your living space and make your home livelier with side tables, coffee tables and dining tables made from all-natural wood.  Freeform furniture is protected with coats of deep sealers and preserved with high-quality finishing coats. This process maintains the natural beauty of the wood grain patterns and accentuates its natural color for that rustic look and feel.


What Is Live Edge Furniture?

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Also known as natural edge furniture, Live Edge Furniture is the naturally finished wooden furniture created from reclaimed wood that is not usable in conventional carpentry. Natural edge furniture incorporates popular mid-century design aesthetics and contemporary design elements.

Natural edge furniture is characterized by natural imperfections such as gnarls, knots, and warps. It is artistically beautiful, unique and sustainable. Often, the natural wood is sourced locally or salvaged without cutting trees or shipping wood from other continents.

Reclaimed wood reduces the carbon footprint associated with furniture manufacturing. Most people like natural edge furniture such as coffee tables and bookshelves because no two pieces are alike. Live edge is, indeed, the epitome of uniqueness! Each of these mid-century furniture transcends different styles such as rustic, modern, minimalist, or shabby chic to blend beautifully with its intended space.


The Rise of Live Edge Wood Furniture

For the longest time, people preferred wood furniture that was constructed to look perfect with right angles. Things have started changing from the symmetrical designs to more rustic, mid-century designs that are uniquely beautiful.

Natural edge furniture brings a new vibe to rustic home design. Most households have started embracing this trend and brought wood slab furniture into the mainstream home décor audience. Even commercial establishments such as restaurants have also begun investing in unique reclaimed wood furniture to change the look and style of their dining spaces. They are also using it as a way to tap into the growing niche of people with an upgraded aesthetic.

Typically, natural edge riffs on the idea of contrast. It provides a beautiful contrast of nature’s gnarled, chaotic beauty against human created smooth surfaces. This adds style to a piece of furniture or settings and expresses the natural origin of the wood.


The Wazo Furniture Advantage

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Why Use Live Edge Tables?

  • They remain stylish- Straight Cut Reclaimed Wood Tables have a neutral style that can complement most modern interior designs. You can never go wrong with the beauty of natural wood. It’s timeless, rugged and exotic.
  • Resistant to wear and tear- Reclaimed wood table tops, whether for side tables, coffee tables, or dining area tables are 100% solid hardwood constructions that don’t have plywood or veneers. These mid-century pieces are made with the finest construction techniques and high-quality craftsmanship to withstand years of wear and tear.
  • Sustainable- They are made from reclaimed wood slab lumber with natural finishes. You can tell the age of the wood by looking at the visible grain on its edge. Each piece is uniquely crafted from natural wood and other sustainable and environmentally-friendly materials.

The finishing process of our live edge tables is focused on bringing out the color and timeless beauty found in the wood itself. We apply several coatings of the finish and sanding to bring out the striking details of the wood.

You can feel the grains of the real wood when you run your hand over your tabletop, yet it’s protected. Our unique furniture products will give your home an authentic upgrade.


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