Acacia Natural Wood Live Edge Table with Black U-Shaped Legs

$995.00 CAD

Select options:

180cm / 210cm / 240cm / 270cm

This freeform dining table is handcrafted from natural acacia wood, a kind of hardwood whichi is durable and resistant to decay and cracks. Its simple design highlights the natural beauty of the table slab with all its one-of-a-kind markings, grains and texture. The black U shaped steel legs give solid support to the table while adding a rustic and industrial style at the same time.

This live edge table comes in different sizes and can be customized to the size you need:

Dimensions (LWH):
270x100x76 cm (9 feet)
240x100x76 cm (8 feet)
210x100x76 cm (7 feet)
180x90x76 cm (6 feet)

We can also customize the table size to 150x90x76cm (5 ft). Customization fee applies.

You can choose different leg styles as well: U shape in black or chrome, X chrome, X black, double rectangular and more.