Live Edge Acacia Dining Table with Chrome U legs/Honey Walnut

$1,145.00 CAD

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180cm / 210cm / 240cm

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Carved out of natural acacia wood, a highly durable hardwood, this live edge table stands out wherever you put it. Like a piece of sculpture, its raw rustic allure always captures attention as the centre piece of your dining room or any other living space, both indoors and out. Let this unique piece of art enchant your family and guests day in and day out.

Please note that each and every acacia live edge dining table is unique with its markings such as crevasses, grooves, and knots as well as grains, textures and other natural imperfections which make it a one-of-a-kind piece of modern art. The colours of the finish may also vary from table to table due to the fact that the tonality of acacia slab varies and that each table is handcrafted.

Dimensions (LWH): 

180x90x76cm (6 feet)
210x100x76cm (7 feet)
240x100x76 cm (8 feet)

We can also customize the table size to 150x90x76cm. You can choose different leg styles as well. Customization fee applies.
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