Straight Cut Acacia Wood Table with Black U-Shaped Legs

$1,600.00 CAD

Select options:

180cm (6 ft) / 210cm(7ft) / 240cm (8 ft)

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The straight cut wood tables have two sizes (6 feet and 8 feet):

Dimensions (LWH):
180 x 90 x 76cm (70 x 35 x 30 in), thickness: 5cm (2 in)
240 x 100 x 76cm (94 x 39 x 30 in), thickness: 5cm (2 in)

With these straight edge wood tables, you have a choice of different leg styles: black and chrome U shaped legs, black and chrome X shaped legs, double rectangular chrome legs and other customized leg styles. Prices vary.

Presented here is the Black U version of the legs. The black metal U-shaped legs give the table solid support and lend an industrial look.