8 Living Room Mistakes with Easy Fixes

Most people will agree that living room is the most important place of their house. Whether we watch TV, spend quality time with family or have a conversation with our friends, it is where we spend most of our time. That’s why it needs extra concentration while decorating living rooms, otherwise a simple mistake can ruin the beauty of your living room. Here are 8 living room mistakes you should avoid and some easy fixes if you do find it necessary to correct them.

  1. Oversized furniture

leather sofa in living roomPeople often try to fill the empty space of living rooms with big furniture especially with leather sofa. Large size furniture like wood dining table in a small room makes you feel tied up with objects and makes it difficult to move around. You can search on Google for living room furniture for small spaces if you already have big furniture. It should give you some ideas about your options.

Solution: Substitute big living room furniture with smaller pieces. Try to leave some space beside your leather sofa.

  1. Pushing All Furniture against Walls

I know it is enticing to place all the furniture beside walls so that you can have extra space in the middle of your room. But regardless it's a small living room or a large one, living room furniture layout pushing furniture against the wall can create a big living room mistake.For a small living room it will look too crowded and for the large living room, it will look like a playground. 

Solution: Bring the sofas and chairs in the middle of the room to make some breathing space.

  1. Lack of colour

Colour is pleasant for the eyes; lack of colours may turn your living room into a boring place. You do not have to paint all the walls, but plain white all along is not a good thing for your room.

Solution: Try to add bits of colour, put a good coloured rug on the floor. A few pillows on the sofa will change the feel of your living room.  

  1. Hanging Art Too High

It is a common mistake many people make while hanging art on the wall.Kellin sofa It's actually quite understandable as you hang your art pieces while standing. However most of the time people will see your art while sitting on the sofa.

Solution: The standard height of art to hang is 57 inches. Measure 57 inches with your tape from the ground and the placement of your art should be the middle of that measurement.  

  1. Too Much Matching

You may think matching up furniture will look great like it looks good with matching outfit. But too much matching furniture in the living room looks like a furniture showroom. It does not create any personality. 

Solution: Avoid matching furniture one to the other, rather try to mix different patterns with some showpieces, it will glow wtih your personality.  

  1. Choosing Uncomfortable Furniture

Most people make this mistake when it comes to living room furniture. Maybe that expensive Chesterfield sofa or those high back accent chairs are great looking but you have to test and feel if they are comfortable.

Solution: Sometimes compromise with the looks of your furniture vs. comfortableness of the furniture. Choose furniture that is stylish but comfortable as well.   

  1. Wrong Size Rugs

Nothing can beautify the floor and give comfort to your feet like a rug. Rugs are also a great decorative tool to bring life to your floor. While rugs are common, choosing the wrong size can jeopardize the look of your living room.

Solution: There are two options to choose while you spread the rug on the floor. Either the rug should be as large as all of the furniture will set on top of it or as small as the furniture make frame off of it.

  1. Wrong Placement of the Television

TV is the heart of every living room, without TV it makes everybody cheerless. But if you place the TV in the wrong position it may annoy everyone in the room. The most common wrong TV placement is putting it opposite the window or beside the window. Another mistake is to use any stand as a TV console without considering the overall aesthetics of the living room decor.

Solution: TV should be placed in an angle that light doesn't reflect on the TV nor fall on your eyes. And of course you can choose from a variety of natural wood TV consoles from our collections to complement your living room style.  

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