How Did the Tolix Become an Iconic Bar Stool?

A classic vintage decor for your home is incomplete without the Tolix bar stool. The iconic steel coloured galvanised stools from the mid-twentieth century are now welcome to any space, be it public or private. The Xavier Pauchard-designed stool cannot be ignored in any bistro adding to its vivacious and relaxed ambience.

A combination of the process of galvanization and the sleek design of the stool has ensured its convenience, Tolix bar stools at Wazopracticality, lightness and durability under any weather conditions. Today a replica of the Tolix style seating is available in different kinds of models at the Montreal-based Wazo Furniture: H stool, Model A Chair, A97 Armchair, Armchair C. 

In 1907, French designer Pauchard (1880-1948) discovered the process of galvanisation - applying a coat of molten zinc to metal to protect it from rusting - after attaining good knowledge about the characteristics of sheet metal and zinc. By 1927, Pauchard set up a factory manufacturing galvanized metal products and named it Tolix – the name that got on to be associated with these particular models of metal chairs, stools and tables.

Tolix chairs outdoorApparently, the sleek design of the stool was not finalised until 1956. Though Pauchard’s design was primarily directed to factory workers of a local firm in France, it is said that they had to tweak the original design a bit to fit the needs of a variety of public spaces. Thus, by the 1970s the Tolix stools had become an icon of industrial design and made their way into cafés, offices, hospitals, public parks and terraces.

The glossy rustproof slim model of the Tolix stool has now been improvised into different colours other than the original metallic grey, opening up more options to merge smoothly into the existing home décor. 

  • Steel coloured Tolix stools are available in various heights. They can easily fit in the kitchen by the counter, either the extended part of the counter or the high breakfast table. tolix dining chair and barstools in kitchen
  • The Tolix bar stool, steel or black coloured, with a low backrest and a wood seat can add subtle sophistication to the small bar area attached to the living room. Customer home styling: Andrea Lee
  • The H shaped bar stool can also function as a perfect side additional seating to fill in the workspace, a complementary furniture to the wood-based study table and chair. tolix barstool as side chair
  • The rust-proof material makes Tolix stools ideal for open-air backyards, especially having it synchronize with wood gardening table. Not only does the pair adds to the serenity of the backyard, it also relieves the owner from the fear of any damage to the stools.
  • Cushioned Model A Tolix dining chairs blend in effortlessly in a brightly lit dining area with a mid-century wooden dining table. 
  • The Model A dining chairs, without any extra layer of cushions or wood seats, along with a small four-seater rectangular or a circular table can also function as a good hangout spot in the backyard. tolix chairs on patio

Stylish, solid, durable and inexpensive, the Tolix dining chair and bar stool have made into many homes of Wazo's customers. Take a look at how our customers are styling their homes with the Tolix:

Wazo Unboxed: customer home styling with Tolix chairs and stools

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